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TilesSetting a romantic dinner table for two

The candles are flickering and the aroma of delicious food is wafting in, while the music is mellow, your dining table looks like a one from the movies, your date night setting is ready. Be it an anniversary dinner or a sweet Saturday surprise to rekindle the romance, dining at home (now more than ever), plays a pivotal role in all our romantic lives.

We at Koyo Studios bring you top 5 DIY ideas to create a romantic tablescape for two, right at your home:

  1. Inverted wine glasses as candle stands: Fill the wine glasses with white flowers or their petals and place them inverted on the table while placing a small pillar candle or tea light on the base of the glass. This creates a dual effect of prettiness of flowers and romanticism of candlelight without taking up too much space.

2. Table linen to add warmth to the table: Be it a silk or velvet runner or beaded placemats and linen or silk napkins, table linens instantly add a touch of sophistication to any table. You can keep the colours minimal such as black and gold for a luxe-looking tablescape.

3. Red roses to add romance: Nothing says romantic like a bunch of freshly cut red roses, you can keep a bunch of fresh roses in a simple glass vase or even in a tumbler glass. Be sure, to keep this flower arrangement right in the middle of the dining table to create symmetry and add elegance to the setting.

4. Gold décor accents for the charm: Be it your napkin rings or salt and pepper shakers or a champagne bucket or even just your flatware and serving spoons, keep it all gold. The gold lends an element of celebration to any setting while looking classic yet elegant.

5. Fairy lights to the rescue: If you are in any doubt whether your tablescape looks romantic enough, bring out those Diwali fairy lights and let one string of it run in the middle of your table runner in a wavy pattern. We would suggest, to keep the fairy light strings to a maximum of one or maximum of two as the soft yellow glow from the lights can quickly turn from romantic and soft to OTT and jarring.

We hope you find these tips helpful and have the most romantic time this weekend.

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